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Strapped for money and living in a small apartment, Ethan Abbott, Founder and CEO of Jayflex Fitness decided his only option to maintain a healthy lifestyle was to create his own make-shift gym. 

The idea and rough prototypes caught the imagination of the Kickstarter community and quickly raised $218K and Jayflex Fitness was born.

What began as a home gym soon became the go-to solution for young professionals that are busy and often required to travel regularly for work, but still prioritize personal well-being.

“We created the Swiss Army Knives of fitness equipment; a compact and versatile tool kit that can be used in a myriad of ways to target each muscle group and provide a total body workout on-the-go.”

From 2019 – 2022, Ethan built out the product line, trademarking and patenting designs along the way. By 2022, Jayflex had a robust online profile of tens of thousands of followers, including a >60K email community of loyal users who subscribed to the vision of “Fit. Anywhere.” Faced with the decision to build a team and expand into new markets (Jayflex was predominantly US), Ethan opted to seek an acquiror for the business so he could pursue other entrepreneurial projects and spend more time with his young family.

“I thoroughly enjoyed launching, growing and marketing this brand, but when it came to selling it, I knew I needed to partner with a team of M&A experts to get the best offer.”

The Fortia Group worked with Ethan through their Exit Ready programme, preparing the business from a strategic, financial, and operational standpoint before launching the exit process in November, 2022. Jayflex successfully closed in March, 2023 with a >7X SDE multiple including deferred consideration. Ethan Abbott was delighted with the transaction.


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