Tools, Tech and Data for Profitable FBA Brands
26th May 2022  |  12:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 BST

Tools, Tech and Data for Profitable FBA Brands

If you are a sole founder-operator of a eCommerce business, you know how difficult it is to manage every aspect of your business from financials to logistics and marketing.

Over the course of an hour, you will hear from leading technologists and data experts in the field of eCommerce share the best tools to sustain brand growth, increase efficiency, launch new products and more.  

Panelists include:
  • Alex Kopco, Co-founder and COO, Forum Brands
  • Anthony Johnson, CTO, Swiftline
  • Elvis Dieguez, CTO, unybrands
  • Juan Paul Ramirez, CTO, Boosted Commerce

Hosted Emmett Kilduff, Co-Founder & CEO, The Fortia Group.

The Fortia Group hosted this webinar 26th May, @12:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00 BST.

Exclusive content was made available to all attendees, including decks, webinar video, poll results, and more.

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Alex Kopco

Co-Founder & COO, Forum Brands

Alex Kopco is the co-founder and COO of Forum Brands. He has built his professional career in retail and ecommerce, working at both Target and Amazon. His expertise spans retail buying, supply chain management, cost & inventory planning, negotiations, pricing, promotion planning, and retail P&L management. Alex is on a mission to empower ecommerce business owners by providing them with opportunities to help their brands reach infinite growth with technology and strategic brand management.
Juan Paul

Juan Paul Ramirez

CTO, Boosted Commerce

Juan Paul Ramirez is CTO at Boosted Commerce, overseeing the growth of the business and introducing new software that enables Boosted to evaluate and actualize the full potential of our brands. Ramirez joined Boosted with a unique combination of decades-long experience as the former CTO at goop, who guided the multi-million-dollar brand into a digital-first property. Prior to goop, Ramirez was the Chief Technology Officer at Connexity, which was recently acquired by Taboola for $800M.

Elvis Dieguez

CTO, unybrands

Elvis has 20 years of experience in technology both hands-on and leading teams across a variety of industries and businesses. His portfolio includes data engineering, data science, analytics, software development, technical project management and technology strategy. Elvis completed a master’s degree in Physics from the UC Berkeley and a 2nd master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University.

Anthony Johnson

CTO, Swiftline

Anthony is a technologist, investor and entrepreneur in this space, and the former CTO of Thrasio.

Emmett Kilduff

Co-Founder & CEO at The Fortia Group

Emmett has had a strong interest in eCommerce since he completed a Masters in eCommerce in 1999. With over a decade in leading investment banks Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, Emmett has billions of dollars of corporate finance expertise across equity, credit, and M&A. Emmett overseas all the deals that The Fortia Group advises on.

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