The Impact of Recurring Revenue on Valuation
23rd March 2023  |  11:00 ET | 16:00 GMT

The Impact of Recurring Revenue on Valuation

In a season of tightening markets, businesses with predictable and stable sources of revenue become all the more attractive to acquirors and investors.

This has been changed from a live zoom event to a recorded session that includes a presentation and discussion.

Join us as we explore how recurring revenue impacts the valuation of eCommerce businesses at exit.

Topics will include:

  • FBA vs. DTC¬†Subscription models [Customer loyalty, CAC, CLTV]
  • How an acquiror factors in recurring revenue into their evaluation
  • At what percentage point does recurring revenue become impactful
  • Case studies
Presentation by:
  • Stefan Florea, Senior VP Strategic M&A, Razor Group

Hosted by Emmett Kildfuff, Co-founder and CEO at The Fortia Group

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Emmett Kilduff

Co-founder & CEO, The Fortia Group

Emmett has had a strong interest in eCommerce since he completed a Masters in eCommerce in 1999. With over a decade in leading investment banks Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, Emmett has billions of dollars of corporate finance expertise across equity, credit, and M&A. Emmett overseas all the deals that The Fortia Group advises on.

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