Flirt, Date, Marry: Elevate Your Business Valuation With Expert M&A Advice

Emmett brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on the art of deal-making in the e-commerce world. He emphasizes the importance of taking a slower, more thoughtful approach to attract potential buyers and ensure a successful exit.

We dive into the emotional challenges that brand founders face when considering selling their business. Emmett offers valuable advice on how thorough preparation and expert guidance can help maximize the value of your business.

Whether you’re thinking about an exit strategy for your own business or simply interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends in e-commerce, this episode is full of expert insights and actionable advice that you won’t want to miss.

The eCommerce Valuation Landscape: Insights on Maximizing Your Brand's Value

In this episode of the eCommerce Evolution Podcast, Brett Curry sits down with Emmett Kilduff, co-founder and CEO of the Fortia Group, to discuss the current M&A climate for eCommerce brands and how to prepare your business for a successful exit. Emmett shares his insights from 25 years of experience in the M&A space, offering valuable advice for entrepreneurs looking to maximize their brand’s value.

How to Sell Your E-Commerce Brand with Emmett Kilduff, The Fortia Group

Emmett Kilduff, CEO of The Fortia Group, discusses the process of exiting an e-commerce business and the role of aggregators in the market. He emphasizes the importance of preparing for a sale well in advance and working with experienced advisors. Kilduff also highlights the challenges and mistakes that can arise in the aggregator model. Additionally, he introduces his new venture, Pit Stop, an app designed to help men improve their well-being and become the best versions of themselves.

M&A in 2024, World-Class Mentors & More

Listen in as Emmett shares his expert insights on the current trends shaping the world of M&A, including factors that influence company valuations. We also discuss strategic approaches for achieving successful acquisitions, the impact of market dynamics on business valuations, and the role of planning in navigating mergers.

The Art of Exiting: Preparing Your eCommerce Business for Peak Valuation

On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Emmett Kilduff, CEO of The Fortia Group, an investment bank providing high-standard services to the lower middle market of the eCommerce sector.

CNBC: 5 tips for selling your eCommerce business

CNBC – Emmett Kilduff, Co-founder and CEO of The Fortia Group shares 5 tips for selling your eCommerce business with CNBC.

2023 Is The 'Year of Survival' For Aggregators as Deal Flow Slows

Modern Retail – Emmett Kilduff, Co-founder and CEO of The Fortia Group weighs in on the results of our Survey of Acquirors [Q4 2022] and how this will impact aggregators in 2023.

How Amazon Aggregators Have Evolved in 2023

Modern Retail – Article dealing with how the eCommerce space has evolved and buyers are recalibrating their acquisition criteria in response (February 2023).

Should you buy an Amazon FBA business or build one from scratch?

Emmett Kilduff, Co-founder and CEO of The Fortia Group shares with Omer Riaz insights on what makes an Amazon business Exit Ready, to position the business for a profitable sale.

Business Insider

The Fortia Group – mentioned in a recent article looking at the Amazon Aggregator space.

The Amazon Strategist Show [Podcast]

January 2023 – Emmett Kilduff, Co-founder and CEO of The Fortia Group shares with The Amazon Strategy Show how FBA founders can begin planning for an exit in 2023.

How To Increase The Valuation of Your Amazon FBA Business

(Nov 2nd, 2022) Johannes Roßner, Head of M&A Germany at The Fortia Group speaks with Exit2Go about how to increase your Amazon FBA Valuation.

Six Ways To Maximize The Value Of An Amazon Brand In A Tough Market

(Oct 19th, 2022) Emmett Kilduff, Co-Founder & CEO of The Fortia Group discusses the current market, and gives insights on how eCommerce entrepreneurs can still sell their businesses even in a tough market.

What Do You Do Next Podcast

(Oct 5th, 2022) Emmett Kilduff, Co-Founder & CEO of The Fortia Group speaks with Martin Zerrudo discuss how to increase the chances of being acquired as a brand. Along with this, he will explain Fortia Group’s exit strategy that allows them to be a step ahead of their competitors.

5 Things You Need to Know for a Lucrative Exit

Authority Magazine (June 12, 2022) – Emmett Kilduff, Co-founder and CEO of The Fortia Group shares with Jason Hartman everything you need to know to build, scale, and prepare your eCommerce business for a lucrative exit.

The Fortia Group on Track for 30 Exits (2022)

Ecommerce News – Emmett Kilduff, Co-founder & CEO of The Fortia Group, shares the journey thus far, current deal flow and targets for 2022, and why profitable Ecommerce brands are a solid investment.

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