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Wall Street Experience

Our CEO worked at one of the leading investment banks in the world - Morgan Stanley. He saw an opportunity to bring a Wall Street level of service to small and medium-sized eCommerce companies. Our vision is to become the Morgan Stanley of eCommerce by 2030.

Acquiror Relationships

We know acquirors of eCommerce brands better than any other firm. For example, we own a direct digital network for acquirors that currently has >130 c-suite members. In addition, we host the only conference for eCommerce acquirors - it takes place in New York every January.

eCommerce Industry Experts

One of our co-founders Paul Hanley, led eCommerce for the leading baby wipe company - WaterWipes. Having operational expertise is key for items such as articulating the growth story which is important for valuation.

Case Studies
Tune In To The Market Leading Discussion On eCommerce Brand Valuations

Q3 2024 Webinar: Oct 10th, 2024.

The most common question we get asked by sellers and acquirors is where are valuations? Therefore last year we decided to productize our house view into a 50 page quarterly report. In addition, we host a webinar to bring the report to life. Speakers include our CEO and 2-4 guest speakers. Our goal is to make the report and webinar the industry standard for tracking valuations of eCommerce brands.

Join Us At Our Next Annual Acquiror Conference

Upcoming Conference: January, 2025.

We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with eCommerce acquirors around the globe. Our network is built on a foundation of trust and success, bringing together industry leaders and innovators who drive the eCommerce sector forward. We hope you can join our next annual event in New York next January. Stay tuned for more information.

Client Testimonials
“The Fortia Group’s expertise, experience, and attention to detail helped me prepare my business, go-to-market and secure an offer that far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this firm to any entrepreneur looking to exit in the coming year.“
Ethan Abbott
JayFlex, CEO
“In my inexperienced position, I signed a contract with a bad broker that did not respect my wishes. When I met with The Fortia Group, I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and integrity and decided to give them the mandate for the exit."
John Li
Belive, Founder
“When you have a legal issue, you hire a lawyer, when you have a tax issue, you hire a tax consultant. It is crazy to us, that sellers are going into 7 to 8-figure exit negotiations up against transaction-experienced buyers without help. Having Fortia in our corner gave us supreme confidence at all times to get the best deal possible.”
Simon Burghardt
Flipline, Co-Founder
”I’ve worked with Emmett and his colleagues at Fortia for over the last six months. He's extremely knowledgeable of the e-comm space, in particular the world of AMZ and DTC aggregators. Further, he's a pleasure to partner with and delivers a high level of execution."
Arnau Servat
Berlin Brands Group, Head of Sales
“The team at Fortia Group always holds themselves to the highest standard when circulating a prospectus for brands and sellers looking for the perfect acquiring partner. The team makes the process of discovering and reviewing brands extremely simple and frictionless. They conduct diligent research and only solicit brands that fit our detailed criteria. Without their assistance our corporate development team would not be able to review the same number of interesting brands. 10/10”
Sebastien Stanley-Jones
Accel Club, Global Director
"It was very important to clearly understand, frame and validate our different positioning and value proposition right from the start in order to make sure we can enter into a successful seed investment round. I have found in Fortia the perfect partner in this process and decided together to seal this for the future with Fortia as founding partner in Brandslandia."
Mihnea Stere
Brandslandia, CEO
“Reliability, clarity, and efficiency mean everything for sellers and acquirers throughout the transaction process. That’s the experience that Emmett and his team at The Fortia Group deliver. Whether it’s helping entrepreneurs get the exit they deserve or convening ecommerce leaders for marquee events, The Fortia Group is pushing our industry forward.”
Jen Kruk
Forum Brands, Head of M&A
"Working with Fortia over the past couple of years has been great, they are the best advisors I have worked with in the ecommerce space - they are professional, have developed strong relationships on the sell-side with successful brands, and have a deep network on the buy-side fostered through networking events, dinners, surveys, and webinars."
Nish Udayakumar
VP Investments & Head of Business Development, Olsam
"The Fortia Group understands very well the nuances and complexities of e-commerce. E-Commerce is easy on PowerPoint slides, but you need an i-Banker that can guide exists for e-commerce Sellers and e-commerce Aggregators. Fortia can advise from a fair valuation to structuring (Financing) complex deals. I interacted to map the aggregator space with the team. I was very impressed with their sharp intellect, a bias for action, and great sense of humor! Overall a great team!"
Joe Falcao
Thrasio, Ex-CFO & Founder
627e98100084d5562a8b5482_Joe Risico
”I’ve worked with Emmett and his colleagues at Fortia for over the last six months. He's extremely knowledgeable of the e-comm space, in particular the world of AMZ and DTC aggregators. Further, he's a pleasure to partner with and delivers a high level of execution."
Joe Risico
Chief Legal Office, Aterian
“The Fortia Group’s comprehensive outlook into the world of eCommerce Aggregators, as well as their team of seasoned professionals provide a smooth and efficient process. The collective knowledge and experience of the team reflects both in their ability to follow the trends of the aggregator space, and the evidence-based information they provide to their partners."
Berk Nalçacıoğlu
Robust Ventures, CEO
"Fortia's Exit Guide is the most comprehensive document for eCommerce enthusiasts demystifying M&A and its processes, an invaluable resource for any seller looking to maximize valuation proceeds."
Philipp Lehnen
Former VP of M&A at The Stryze Group
"We'd recommend every eCommerce entrepreneur looking to exit start with the Exit Guide for Amazon FBAs by The Fortia Group. The only manual of its kind, this guide brings together insights from many market leaders on how to prepare for a successful exit. Often figuring out where to start, from which documents to prepare to ensuring your business is in a state to receive the best possible evaluation and payout is extremely challenging, and this guide helps navigate all of that and much more."
Christine Cui
VP of Brand Management at Acquco
“If this is your first go around with a sale of an eComm business, having an experienced advisor who is able to assist you every step of the way is crucial. The Fortia Group was able to do that and go above and beyond what was asked, no matter the situation.”
Andy Lam
Upward Baby, Founder
“The Fortia Group’s experience was instrumental in getting this deal over the line. And, their expertise and constant support ensured I received the best possible deal.”
Stephen Harris
Beechmore Books, Founder
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