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Q3 2024 eCommerce Brand Valuation Webinar

Webinar Date & Time (EST): July 11th, 2024, 11.00 am

Join the market leading discussion on eCommerce brand valuation trends

Our successful webinar series continued with the "Q2 Brands Valuation" webinar streamed on July 11th. Once again, our CEO Emmett Kilduff, along with selected speakers, delivered insights on eCommerce valuations factors in Q2 for entrepreneurs considering an exit even in 1 to 3 years.

Webinar Panelists


Emmett Kilduff

Co-Founder & CEO, The Fortia Group

Once again, CEO Emmett Kilduff chairs The Fortia Group's eCommerce brand valuation webinar providing insights into market conditions and valuation trends.


Furhaan Khan

Managing Director, Technology Investment Banking, UBS

Furhaan Khan from UBS is a distinguished expert in investment banking and financial strategy. With a wealth of experience and insights, Furhaan is here to share his expertise on the latest market trends and financial innovations.


Anthony Choe

Founder, Provenance

We welcome Anthony Choe from Provenance, a seasoned professional in venture capital and private equity. Anthony brings invaluable knowledge on investment strategies and emerging market opportunities. Provenance is a growth-stage investor in digitally-intensive, direct-to-consumer brands with an analytically driven investment strategy.


John Fetto

Head of eCommerce Insights, Grips Intelligence

John Fetto has extensive experience in the field of data analytics and research. In John's role at Grips Intelligence, he is responsible for providing strategic insights and recommendations to clients in the e-commerce industry.


Austin Gardner Smith

Co-Founder & CEO, Drivepoint

As Co-Founder & CEO of Drivepoint, Austin's firm helps build better forecasts for revenue, expenses, inventory, and cash. Connect all your data to speed up forecasting, reduce cash surprises, and avoid stockouts.

Webinar Topics

1. Global M&A Activity

We examine global M&A volume trends and the co-relating influencers on these trends.

2. eCommerce Trends

We examine the latest eCommerce trends, focusing on how they are influencing valuations and investor appetite.

3. Public Market Comparables

We analyze public market comparables to understand their role in assessing eCommerce brand valuations.

4. eCommerce M&A Activity, Brand Metrics and Deal Dynamics

We explore M&A trend specific to the eCommerce sector and how various brand performance indicators and transactional factors come into play in M&A scenarios, impacting valuations.

5. Brand Metrics

We highlight how brand KPIs are impacting valuations and what acquiror deem to be a strong performance.

6. Deal Dynamics

We demonstrate how deals in this sector are typically structured and where key negotiations points arise.

7. Valuations

Ultimately, all roads lead to exit and this webinar will showcase the latest market valuation averages summarizing the rationale behind averages and trends.

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