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Quarterly Brands Valuations Webinar

Date & Time: Jul 13, 2023, 12.00 PM [EST], 5:00 PM [BST].


This webinar provides insights into factors that drive eCommerce valuations for entrepreneurs considering an exit. The factors that will be covered include:

1) Global M&A activity.
2) eCommerce trends.
3) Public market comparables.
4) eCommerce M&A activity, brand metrics, and deal dynamics.

Understanding these factors will allow you to:

1) Accurately evaluate your business.
2) Best time your exit.
3) Attract the right buyer.
4) Aggressively negotiate the best offer (SDE/EBITDA multiple) within the bounds of the market.
5) Close the deal.

Confirmed Speakers:

1) Caspar Waters – eComplete.
2) Jeremy Bell – Elevate Brands.
3) Zach Flint – The Ambr Group.

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