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Mantaro Brands

The Fortia Group Advises On The Successful Merger Between Two DE-Based eCommerce Acquirors

What We Did

In the pursuit of a strategic merger for Mantaro, our team led a competitive process to identify the ideal merger partner and the preparation of a term sheet, including a comprehensive analysis of the potential merger partner. This document was pivotal, not only as a negotiation tool but also as a clear expression of the proposed merger’s terms and conditions.

The Fortia Group led negotiations based on this term sheet, ensuring that Mantaro’s interests were at the forefront. In parallel, we initiated a rigorous due diligence process, sourcing and negotiating with multiple providers across key areas such as Tax and Financial due diligence. Our role was not limited to coordination; we meticulously oversaw each aspect of the due diligence process, including managing workstreams, coordinating data rooms (covering Legal, Tax, Financial, Compliance, and Commercial aspects), and ensuring that all parties were aligned.

Particularly noteworthy was our support for Mantaro during the commercial due diligence. We compiled and analyzed information from various due diligence reports, synthesizing key findings to discuss with Mantaro. This enabled us to identify and propose actionable solutions, addressing potential issues uncovered during the due diligence phase.

This engagement extended to discussions with counterparties and investors, based on insights derived from the due diligence reports. These discussions were instrumental in aligning expectations and setting the stage for subsequent negotiations. We prepared comprehensive decision-making documents for Mantaro’s investors, ensuring they were well-informed and aligned with the proposed merger strategy.

Finally, we oversaw the signing and closing process, ensuring a seamless transition to the merger’s completion. This included coordinating the finalization of documents, managing communications between all parties, and addressing any last-minute challenges that arose. Our comprehensive approach ensured that Mantaro was well-positioned to capitalize on the strategic benefits of the merger, marking the culmination of a process characterized by strategic foresight, rigorous analysis, and unwavering dedication to our client’s success.

"Throughout the intricate process of our merger, The Fortia Group proved to be an indispensable partner. Their strategic foresight, deep understanding of the eCommerce landscape, and unwavering dedication to our success were pivotal in navigating the complexities of this deal. The Fortia Group didn't just advise; they became an integral part of our team, ensuring a smooth transition that has set us on a path to unparalleled growth. We are immensely grateful for their partnership and look forward to the continued success it will bring."

Nicolai Von Enzberg
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