Exit Guide for Amazon FBAs

Exit Guide for Amazon FBAs

The Exit Guide for Amazon FBAs Revised Edition 2 (July 2022) is the premier companion for Amazon entrepreneurs considering an exit. It is a 98 page manual featuring insight from the biggest aggregators, successful sellers, experienced thought-leaders, and top-tier lawyers and accountants.  

Topics included in The Exit Guide for Amazon FBAs:

  • Is my eCommerce business sellable – and when should I sell?
  • What are the benefits of retaining an advisor to oversee the exit process?
  • How to prepare my financials to maximise the valuation of my business?
  • What should I expect in the exit process?
  • What do aggregators look for in an eCommerce business?
  • How can I prepare for due diligence?
  • What can I learn from those who have successfully exited?

Everything you need to know to exit successfully in one place.

Exit Guide, Revised Edition 2

Exit Guide for Amazon FBAs, Revised Edition 2

Praise for the Exit Guide

The Exit Guide for Amazon FBA sellers is a fantastic resource, that lots of successful founders and industry experts have contributed to. I would encourage anyone considering an exit to start here to better understand your opportunities and align your expectations.”

Alexey Lankin, Director of Growth, Europe at unybrands

“Fortia’s Exit Guide is the most comprehensive document for eCommerce enthusiasts demystifying M&A and its processes, an invaluable resource for any seller looking to maximize valuation proceeds.”

Philipp Lehnen, VP of M&A at The Stryze Group

“We’d recommend every eCommerce entrepreneur looking to exit start with the Exit Guide for Amazon FBAs by The Fortia Group. The only manual of its kind, this guide brings together insights from many market leaders on how to prepare for a successful exit. Often figuring out where to start, from which documents to prepare to ensuring your business is in a state to receive the best possible evaluation and payout is extremely challenging, and this guide helps navigate all of that and much more.”

Christine Cui, VP of Brand Management at Acquco


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