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We bring an investment banking approach to selling your eCommerce business.


Our Story

Emmett and David met while completing post-graduate work in the field of eCommerce in 1999. Always keeping an eye on the eCommerce space, Emmett went into investment banking overseeing billions of dollars in acquisitions with Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse before founding a data analytics company; while David went into corporate finance, quickly rising to CFO of a global SaaS company.

Since 2018, the quantum of capital raised in eCommerce aggregation attracted all levels of brokerage firms and stories began to emerge of entrepreneurs signing LOIs prematurely, engaging acquirers unprepared, and taking the first offer on the table.

Joining forces with eCommerce growth expert, Paul Hanley, responsible for the meteoric rise of 9-figure brand WaterWipes, and backed by an advisory board of industry veterans, The Fortia Group formed to ensure eCommerce entrepreneurs are well-prepared and get the best valuation when they choose to sell.


Fortia – Strength in the Many

Comes from the Latin word for Strength

/ˈfɔːrtɪs/   (noun)


Our vision is to become the leading M&A firm for eCommerce, bringing together the best minds to provide world class sell-side advisement.

Everything we do at The Fortia Group is guided by our core value of strength in the many. Strength to do the right thing by our clients, community, and industry. Strength to never settle – always seeking out creative solutions to the problems our clients face, and striving to complete the deal.

Strength to lead with exceptional ideas.

Our Journey

Since we founded The Fortia Group we have built a global team and advised on multiple 7 and 8-figure exits, with >20 mandates for this year alone. We have also created the industry’s only Exit Ready programme for eCommerce brands looking to exit 1 to 2 years out.


Testimonial – Christian Salza, MD Global Expansion, Berlin Brands Group

“We found The Fortia Group very well connected and a reliable source of information. Their Investment bank approach makes the deal execution smooth and transparent for both Sell and Buy sides.”

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