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Demystifying LOIs

Webinar Summary

Demystifying LOIs (Letter of Intent). A discussion of the key points of LOIs with law firms and legal counsels of aggregators. We were struck by how different each exit journey was, and yet how certain themes were central to every story, like: net margins, trusting the buyer you sell to, and having a team when you go to exit. Representing Sellers: (Law Firms) Revision Legal: Christopher Carol 458.Law: Nathan Lapsley Representing Buyers: (Aggregators) Acquco: Andrew Goldman Berlin Brands Group: Wolfgang Adelhardt Branded: Sean Foley Stryze: Philipp Lehnen unybrands: Richard Cohen Referee: Emmett Kilduff, Co-Founder & CEO, The Fortia Group

Webinar Panel

Emmett Kilduff

Co-Founder & CEO, The Fortia Group

Nathan Lapsley

Corporate Lawyer, 458 Law

Christopher Carol

Corporate Attorney, Revision Legal

Andrew Goldman

Associate Attorney, Acquco

Sean Foley

Associate General Counsel, Branded

Richard Cohen

General Counsel, Unybrands

Philipp Lehnen

Senior Vice President M&A, Stryze

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