Seller Stories from Big Exits
November 29th, 2022  |  11:00 NYC | 16:00 LONDON

Seller Stories From Big Exits

Over the course of two hours hear from a panel of six founders who achieved 8 and 9 figure exits as they share their journey and strategy. Topics include:

  • The backstory of how they came to sell their eCommerce brand
  • What lessons they learned along the way
  • What they would do differently if they were starting or exiting their business today

Watch the full webinar here:

Confirmed Speakers

  • Colin Darretta, Founder, WellPath
  • Manuel Mayer, Founder, Velmia
  • Matt & Katherine Phipps, Founders, undisclosed
  • Ashley Thompson, Founder,  ATV Global
  • Sully Tyler, Founder, Bombtech Golf 

Hosted by Emmett Kilduff, Co-founder and CEO, The Fortia Group

In partnership with Tarter Krinsky and Drogin LLP, and Titan Network

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Sully Tyler

Founder and CEO at Bombtech Golf

Founder of DTC Golf brand, BombTech golf which has sold over 1 million golf clubs! He successfully sold in 2022 for high 7 figures and closed in under 45 days. Before selling he delegated 95 percent of daily tasks and was able to work only 2-4 hours a week. He Co founded eCommerce Growers (, an email marketing agency working with 7 and 8 Figure eCommerce brands. Now documenting it all on his personal blog Featured on 50 plus podcasts.

Emmett Kilduff

Co-founder and CEO at The Fortia Group

Emmett has had a strong interest in eCommerce since he completed a Masters in eCommerce in 1999. With over a decade in leading investment banks Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, Emmett has billions of dollars of corporate finance expertise across equity, credit, and M&A. Emmett overseas all the deals that The Fortia Group advises on.
Colin M.

Colin M. Darretta

Co-founder at WellPath

Colin is a writer, entrepreneur and investor fascinated with how technology can be a catalyst for change in otherwise mature industry verticals. Most recently he has spent his time on the future of wellness, fintech, web3 gaming, biohacking and just about any other subject that would fit into a good sci fi novel. Colin has been extensively interviewed and featured on topics including fundraising, investing, and personal development. Alongside this he has written for publications like Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Success and many others.

Manuel Mayer

Founder at Velmia

In 2017, Manuel founded the brand VELMIA for bicycle accessories. With full commitment, he ensured strong growth every year to stand on an annual turnover of 7 million EUR after 5 years. 30% of his sales were generated in the USA. Earlier this year he sold VELMIA, achieving a multi-million exit at only 23 years old. As a successful investor, Manuel is also a sought after speaker.

Ashley Thompson

Founder and CEO at ATV Global

I have graduated in BA in Business Administration at Bournemouth University 2007 -2011. Afterwards, in July 2014, I have founded the ATV Global Holdings Limited, a multinational eCommerce company focused on selling private label products on Amazon which went from $0 to $120M in revenue and from solopreneur to 200 person team in 7 years (with offices in Florida, China, UK, Mexico & Philippines). I exited in January 2021 to Venture Capital group based in Europe, starting my real estate journey. Currently, Chief Growth Officer at BRANDED.
Matt & Katherine

Matt & Katherine Phipps


In 2018, Matt and his wife Katherine were stationed overseas in Annapolis, Maryland as part of Matt’s British Royal Air Force Career. On one commute, while listening to a podcast, Matt learned about the e-commerce model and selling on Amazon specifically. When he got home, he pitched the idea of this new side hustle to clinical psychologist Katherine, who jumped on board without hesitation, and even stepped up to lead the new adventure. Fast forward 12 months and they’d grown a $1m e-commerce brand in the toys and games space. A year later, Matt retired from his 21-year career to join Kata full-time in the business. Together they continued to grow a multi-7-figure business before exiting after 3 years, in 2021. Hey have since started a second brand which is following a similar trajectory.

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